Free bitcoin

Here are few good faucets which provide bitcoins for retype captcha.

here are few good which I using.

Every 15 minutes, average 1064 satoshi per hour (if you’re lucky, 1500 satoshi) – Bitcoiner
Every 5 minutes (or more), average 600 satoshi per hour – Bitcoin to the moon –
Every 1 hour, averarge 500 satoshi per hour –
Every 1 hour, average 600 satoshi per hour (if you’re lucky, 1500 satoshi) – Bit On Play
Every 30 minutes, average 300 satoshi per hour – Pink Tussy

You can also try
Happy Putin Coins

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Slova, ktera me z me prvni sentai (戦隊) serie, kerou jsem odtitulkoval celou zaujala a vedla k dalsim cilum jako.

Naucit se Japonsky a podivat se tam…


Dnes prichazi na radu dalsi pokus… Advertising… Uvidime zda-li se neco chytne… Pro zacatek to zkusme na necem malem, treba mem nedodelanem blogu 🙂